Up-To-Date Fast Food Menus and Prices for 2016

Sweetgreen Menu and Prices

About Sweetgreen

Founded in August 2007, Sweetgreen is an American fast food restaurant chain specialised in garden salads. By July 2014, it had 27 stores along the East Coast cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington. Its menu includes apples-butternut squash, organic butternut squash, organic lentil chickpea soup, kale caesar, spicy sabzi etc.

Sweetgreen Menu with Prices

Apples, Pears + Cheddar$8.10
Roasted Turkey + Brussels Sprouts$9.50
Za'atar By Jon + Vinny$10.00
OMG Omega$13.25
Kale Caesar$9.75
Spicy Sabzi$9.25
Guacamole Greens$10.75
Hummus Tahina$11.50
Rad Thai$12.00
Earth Bowl$11.25
Wild Child$9.25
Hollywood Bowl$11.25
Create Your Own (Base Price)$7.00
Organic Lentil Chickpea SoupSmall$3.50
Organic Lentil Chickpea SoupLarge$5.50
Organic Butternut Squash SoupSmall$3.50
Organic Butternut Squash SoupLarge$5.50
Cranberry Pear Fresca$2.50
Cucumber Ginger Lime Fresca$2.50
Ginger Kale Green Tea$3.50
Orange, Mint + Chia Coconut Water$2.50
Chai Iced Tea$2.50
Jasmine Green Iced Tea$2.50
Lemon Fresca$2.50

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