Up-To-Date Fast Food Menus and Prices for 2016

WaBa Grill Menu and Prices

About WaBa Grill

Waba Grill is an Asian flavour restaurant with fruits and vegetables as the special ingredient of the Waba sauce. Waba serves boneless, skinless, fat-trimmed chicken, steaks, shrimps, ribs and other meats. Their theme of food production is cooked- fresh-to-order, low in fat, low In calories, low carb and high Protein. With fresh vegetables, they are absolutely delicious.

WaBa Grill Menu with Prices

Chicken Steak Plate$8.50
Chicken Plate$7.50
Steak Plate$8.50
Specialty Plates
Chicken Salad Plate$8.00
Rib Plate$9.95
Salmon Plate$9.00
Shrimp Plate$9.00
Rice Bowls
Chicken Bowl$6.00
Half and Half Bowl (Chicken and Steak)$7.00
Salmon Bowl$7.50
Steak Bowl$6.76
Shrimp Bowl$7.50
Rice Bowl with Veggies
Half-Half and Veggie Bowl (Chicken and Steak)$7.75
Chicken and Veggie Bowl$6.75
Steak and Veggie Bowl$7.75
Salmon and Veggie Bowl$8.25
Shrimp and Veggie Bowl$8.25
Veggie Bowl$5.00
Soda2 Liter$5.00
Soda6 Pack$6.99
Soda12 Pack$8.99
Water3 Pack$5.99
Water6 Pack$6.99

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